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Venture Out members can easily make an online reservation using our platform, CampLife! You can select your rental or campsite at any of our Ohio locations, or affiliate locations in Michigan. Below, you’ll also find great resources including how to create an account and login to CampLife, and lots of frequently asked questions.

How to Login to CampLife

If you have made a reservation with Venture Out Resorts before, but this is your first time using, you will need to click the Login button at the top right of the screen and enter your email. Then click the link to reset your password. Retrieve the email and once reset, you’ll be able to login and book with Venture Out Resorts on

CampLife Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still call to make a reservation?

Yes, you can still call 989-671-1125 to make a reservation. When booking online or via phone, all sites are first come, first served when selecting and the site will go to the first person who selects a site based on what’s available at the time of reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?


  • Change or cancel 7 days prior to arrival date: No fee
  • Change or cancel 4-6 days prior to arrival date: $25 fee
  • Change or cancel 3 days or less prior to arrival date: $50 fee
  • No-show: $50 fee
  • If the change/cancellation/no-show occurs over a holiday, the fee doubles: $50 / $100


  • Change or cancel 2 weeks or more prior to arrival date: No fee
  • Change or cancel 4-13 days prior to arrival date: Fee of 1-night rental cost
  • Change or cancel 3 days or less prior to arrival date: Fee of 2-night rental cost
  • No-show: Fee of 2-night rental cost

Reservation fees are nonrefundable. Refunds and cancellations will be processed 7-10 business days after cancellation. If a cancellation fee is owed, it will be deducted from the refund balance. Any cancellation balance owed must be paid prior to the next reservation. Any questions should be directed to

You can cancel 14 days ahead of time online!

To do so, go to your profile on CampLife and select the reservation you would like to cancel. The calendar icon on the right corner of the reservation will allow you to cancel the reservation.

How do payments work on the CampLife system?

All payments and fees are made at the time of reservation within the CampLife system.

Please note the following:

  • You still have to check-in at the Store upon arrival.
  • Any outstanding reservation invoices may also be paid on the CampLife system by researching the specific reservation where the feeds occurred.
  • If a reservation has an outstanding balance on it, it can be found under the profile on CampLife in the reservations section. By selecting the reservation that was cancelled, you can see the balance associated and pay for it right there.
Can a nonmember make a reservation?

Nonmembers will not be able to login to CampLife to make a reservation. If you are not a member and you’re interested in becoming a member, please call us at 888-871-9953 to schedule a tour and learn more about our memberships.

How can a guest or Family Plan Individual make a reservation?

Family Plan Individuals must register an account with our Member Services team by calling (989) 671-1125, option 2 or email with your name, email address and member number. Once a CampLife profile is set up by Member Services, Family Plan Individuals can log into CampLife and make reservations.

Guest reservations must be made over the phone with our reservations team by Members or Family Plan Individuals on their behalf.

Can I change my site after I’ve already made my reservation?

You are able to change the site you chose after your reservation has already been made, but you will have to call Member Services to do so at 989-671-1125. There is no fee to change your site.

How do I notify staff that I need my trailer pulled from storage when I make a reservation online?

Within the CampLife system there is an option to select to have your camper moved to and from storage. The move to site and move to storage options appear after you close out your disclosures.

How are the Resorts handling pulling campers off of sites to put in storage?

Now that we have site specific reservations, we can make this a priority. If we have someone in storage going to a site, we’ll get it over to the site as soon as possible. On busy weekends, there still could be some delays due to demand, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone in a timely manner

What if there’s an issue with my site before I arrive (i.e. power box issue, sewer issue, etc.)? Will I be moved or will I lose my reservation?

We will do our best to keep you on the site you reserved. However, if necessary, we will do our best to accommodate you and move your site as availability allows if the issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner.

How does this affect 3 week/long stays for members?

There is a chance you might have to move in the middle of your stay if the site you prefer is not available for the entire 3 weeks. This is considered a split reservation within the CampLife system. However, while we can’t promise this, we believe there will be sites available for longer periods of time that you can choose from if you do not wish to move.

Our suggestion is to book your reservation as far out as your membership allows to get the specific site desired for your extended stay.

Will a split reservation affect my ability to book additional reservations in the future?

No, split reservations are considered one (1) reservation.

Occasionally, split reservations can temporarily interrupt a Member’s ability to book further reservations online. If you’re unable to book additional reservations because of a split reservation, please contact Member Services at (989) 671-1125, option 1, to book your future stay with us.

Why are there check-out and check-in times?

Our 12 noon check-out and 3 pm EST check-in gives us time to clean sites and rental units so they’re ready for you to have the best stay possible. This also helps you plan so you know when to pull into our resorts. It also gives us time to pull your RV from storage and have it ready for you before you check in (please be advised that there could still be some delays due to demand).

Can someone else take my site before I complete my booking on the CampLife system?

Once you select your site, we hold that site for you for 14 minutes. If you do not complete the reservation within that time frame, the site will open up for other members to book.

I'm making my online reservation, but why isn't it showing my free site?

The free campsite defaults to the first reservation made on an account for any given date.

  • If the fee is $25/night and you as the Member wish to cancel the current reservation using the free nights, please call Member Services at (989) 671-1125, option 2.
  • If the campsite fee is $30/night, please call Member Services at (989) 671-1125, option 2 to have this issue resolved.
If I have a Park Hopper, can I make my reservation using CampLife?

Due to the complexity of Park Hoppers, all Park Hopper reservations will need to be made by emailing or by calling Member Services at (989) 671-1125, option 2. In the email, please include the following:

  • Name
  • Member Number
  • Desired Resort(s)
  • Start Date and End Date of the Reservation
  • Desired Amenities or Specific Sites
How do I know if my reservation was accepted?

An email will be sent to the email address used to login into CampLife.

  • Please review this email to make sure the correct days were selected. If you need to make any modifications after you received the email, please call Member Services at (989) 671-1125, option 2.
  • All past and future reservations made within CampLife can be viewed under your profile on CampLife under the reservations section. Here you can also cancel your reservation or pay for any outstanding reservation invoices.
Who do I contact if I run into any issues?

You can reach us at , or by phone at 989-671-1125, option 2. We’re here to help you navigate CampLife!

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