Update: Tornado Damage at Arrowhead Lakes Resort

Tornado Damage to main building at Arrowhead

Update: Tornado Damage at Arrowhead Lakes Resort

We realize there are a lot of questions surrounding what is happening after the tornado damage at Arrowhead Lakes Resort. We want to assure you that over the last month, we have been working with the insurance company to get our claim approved. This was considered a catastrophic event so this process takes time. However, we are excited to tell you that we will fully rebuild the main building! 

We anticipate over a $1 million project to build a better facility with a store, sales office, indoor pool, hot tub and sauna. Please expect that this rebuild could take 6-12+ months. Considering the extent of the damage and the continued rain over the last month, this process has moved along the best it can! We are excited to continue keeping you in the loop on more plans, and we appreciate your continued patience and support as we work through bringing Arrowhead Lakes Resort back to life! 

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